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Deciding to date after death or devastating loss can make you feel uncomfortably vulnerable. For many, this can be loss of self identity following bereavement, divorce, long-term break-up, or loss of health. It can be complicated and challenging especially in today’s online “match” world where the number one way in which couples connect is by looking at thumbnail-size photos of each other, reading a two-sentence profile and swiping right or left.

Driven by passion and compassion, Karen Phelps Moyer is uniquely positioned to inspire and nurture individuals facing loss of self identity from a multitude of life challenges or transitions to reimagine life and love through her dating program, Elite TLC. Elite TLC was created to support, guide and hold your hand through the dating process. We will be with you every step of the way … Helping you maneuver the dating world of today so you feel confident in stepping out and finding love reimagined.


Karen Phelps Moyer, the founder of ELITE TLC, has over 20 years of grief experience helping children who have lost a family member or loved one. She is now sharing her expertise and offering specialty support services for adults transitioning back into dating after grief from death, divorce or devastating loss. Karen’s unique gifts of empathy and compassion are what make ELITE TLC successful at helping people find love again.


Elite TLC consultants are uniquely trained to support individuals who have experienced death, divorce or devastating loss. Whether it is deciding which online services to use, creating your profiles, or finding groups to join, getting back into dating and meeting people looks different for everyone. Your dedicated consultant will be with you through the steps necessary to decide what’s uniquely best for you.


ELITE TLC will get your matches and be the first email contact for each Your consultant will know exactly what you are looking for and share with you only those matches that meet your criteria.

Elite TLC is there to authentically encourage you every step of the way from communicating with your matches to going on your first date. Your consultant is only a text or phone call away.

Your ELITE TLC consultant will provide ongoing support, advice, suggestions until you find your happiness and comfort in a short term or long term relationship. TLC Support is a powerful way to move confidently and comfortably back into dating.


  • In-depth intake questionnaire and in-person sessions to review your specific hopes and desires getting clear on your specific needs and non-negotiables in a partner.
  • Creation of your online profile(s). Cost of individual sites included in ELITE TLC fee.
  • Regularly scheduled phone sessions with your ELITE TLC dedicated consultant.
  • Your ELITE TLC consultant will receive all of your matches. After the vetting process, your consultant will schedule (if COVID safe) an in-person or phone meeting to review the matches, discuss each one and support you in your decision-making process as well as learn more about your likes/dislikes fine tuning the vetting process.
  • Your consultant will authentically encourage you on your dating journey, is available to support you when emotions arise or even if you are on your first date and want a little encouragement or advice. A quick text or call and your consultant is there to support you.
  • Want to update your look? ELITE TLC’s stylists are available to help you create an updated style and look.
  • Ongoing support, advice and suggestions on new ways to connect and meet your potential partner outside of dotcom dating.



When your loved one dies, dating again is complicated in unique ways. The decision to date can be terrifying and wonderful; you may be concerned about how it will change your life and whether you are truly ready. ELITE TLC dating support is a specially designed protective process to support those individuals that have lost a spouse or partner and are starting on their own again.

ELITE TLC consultants are trained to support the very specific needs of widows and widowers who are ready and open to finding a new relationship. You may be feeling a lot of the same feelings many others who have lost a partner widowers go through when looking at dating again such as, “I don’t want to get hurt again.”, “What will my friends and family think?”, “Am I am not going to find someone right away?” ELITE TLC’s mission is to hold your hand every step of the way, share your hopes, give you courage and coach you through the journey.

Divorced/Long Term Relationship Break-up

It can be surprising for many to find out how hard it can be to put themselves out there after a long term relationship has ended. At ELITE TLC we know it is not just about dating itself but about how it feels to be a person who has been through a divorce and really letting yourself be vulnerable and open to finding love again.

ELITE TLC consultants understand and support clients through the potential roadblocks and insecurities unique to those that have been through a divorce or breakup. You may be saying, “How do I get back out there? How do I navigate dating again? Am I allowed to find love?”

Dating may feel like science, but it doesn’t have to be. All that matters is being your most authentic self. Our mission at ELITE TLC is to provide you with tender loving care in letting yourself grow and become that authentic self deserving of a special kind of love.

Situational Distress

Domestic Violence, health issues, and chronic illness

Through struggle and heartbreak such as chronic illness or a previous abusive relationship, finding love and being in a relationship can be overwhelming and intimidating. Our ELITE TLC consultants are experienced in compassionate support working to guide you with tender loving care. We understand everyone has their personal story and the journey of healing and finding love is individual. We will help you build true confidence that makes you radiate in a room, attracting what you want in your life and remind you that you are deserving of love above all.

Drama to Dreams

Life’s journey brings us opportunity. Some people have tragic personal stories yet they dream about doing good things.I love helping clients dream about doing big things, helping others/giving back, and using their passions for short term and long term goals.Dream maker has been my passion for others my entire life. Everything is possible and the process is even greater. I use my connections and intuition to make things happen. Together we manifest your dreams and sometimes continue healing from the past. I call it finding golden linings.



Coaching Support

It would be our pleasure to create a customized private service package crafted to fit your specific and personalized needs. Feel free to set up a call with Karen to share your personal goals and needs so a custom package may be created for you.


Online Profile Review and Consultation

Unsure if your profile presents you as your best self? In this fast-paced modern online dating world, your profile is your very first impression. Elite TLC can work with you to make sure your profile is current and relevant while still feeling like the best version of yourself.

Package includes:
Two one-on-one 1/2-hour in-person or video consultations and profile rewrite.


30 Day Dating Reset

Does your dating game feel like it needs a little refresh…maybe it is your profile, but it could also be your attitude and energy. What kind of partner are you attracting? Are you going on lots of first dates but never a second? In this 30 day reset we will help you gain clarity on the type of relationship you want to attract, develop your confidence polish up your dating game and conversation skills, removing the struggle and bringing back the fun and flow.

Package includes:
Three one-on-one ½-hour in-person or video consultations and customized exercises and activities to support your individual reboot and reset needs.

$1200 / Month

3-Month Signature

Our 3-Month Signature support is designed to guide and assist as you navigate the digital dating world, crafting your new life and finding that perfect relationship. Elite TLC experts are uniquely trained to support individuals who have experienced great loss and grief in their past relationships.

If you are serious about making a significant shift in your life, Elite TLC can help you navigate the modern dating world while understanding and supporting your specific and unique circumstances.



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